Monday, October 27, 2008


I woke up this afternoon drenched in sweat, feeling like some kind of semi dehydrated slug as I crawled out of bed groggily.

It's so damn hot.

The fridge won't cool my Ice lemon tea.

My shirt is sticking to my back.

I wonder why it's not raining anymore.

*cry of despair*

Please start raining soon.....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Payne no gain!! super lame-but I couldn't help it!!! (Yea, I can see you people face palming or rolling your eyes) Yep, you've guessed it, I went to watch Max Payne!

I really don't know what to say about it, it was kinda cool, but stupid at the same time (?). Because some scenes from the movie really made me want to roll off my chair just by watching them, and they weren't meant to be funny. Well, don't take my word for it, go check it out anyway, seriously, the choreography is awesome, the settings are ZOMG too(snow, snow and more snow! =D) so are the computer graphics, and the ladies in that movie are all really pretty for some odd reason...! Hence, there's plenty of eye candy for the boys. Especially this scene somewhere thirty minutes into the movie if I am not mistaken. Ahem ahem. Next movie I wanna watch-Tropic Thunder! Jack Black and Ben Stiller in a movie about a bunch of guys trying to make a movie about the Vietnam War and they get abandoned in the middle of the forest-now that's something to look forward to!!!

It'd better not disappoint.

Oh..and I stumbled across a very interesting website..called Urban Dictionary. It's like, except that they give you meanings to slangs and internet language. So here are some words you probably never (and now wished that you had never) heard of before:

facemouth bitch: Someone who talks too damn much
FTSU: Fuck the shut up (?!)
gackt: (yes, gackt has his whole frickin' lifestory in there, no idea what he's doing in Urban dictionary though)
gobshite: A word of Irish origin, meaning a person who blabbers on about incredibly senseless things. (Ah, it's another one of Ah Beng's aliases)
oh shit bar: The handle found in most cars to either hold onto around corners taken at speed, or to hang shirts and such. (I think Fei Yan mentioned this before 0_o)
Oh Peter: Oh Peter is a little boy who sits at the tops of the steps in a historic castle. Oh Peter replaces any swear word you wish it to. (How convenient ==;;;)

(Sorry bout the strong language, they were the only ones who managed to catch my attention)

Okay, browsing that website's making my IQ drop dangerously low, so I'll stop right now.
It's increasing my vocabulary of foul language too ohohoho~~

Class for the past week was kinda bleh...I just realized how frustrated I get after every Drawing 2 class, cause I never seem to be able to finish my drawing piece before 7pm. And God, I can't tell you just how irritating that is-to see everyone create fantastic looking artworks and still pack up to leave before you!! I wish I didn't concentrate so much on painting the damn background and screwing up everything else!!! Okay, I'm not gonna go on whining about here, but I've gotta apologize to Yokey, Ivon and Kev for having to put up with me when I went on a bitch fit last Tuesday. Sigh. Maybe it's my time management, Jun Mei mentioned it in class. Man, I know I can do better in Drawing, I just need more time, or better time management, or both. Yea, definitely both. Hopefully typing all this down will serve as a reminder for me to work harder on that...hehehe...=w=

Oh God, Ah beng, gimme a break, will ya??

Figure studies was awesome cuz' Chin lee showed us some of the old stuff he did when he was in college and in Beijing. That man is Godlike. He's got pretty scary stuff...oh yesh he does...=A= Letterforms sux as usual..with the exception of Mr.Happy Eyes and Mr. Angry Scarface's debut! The History of arts test was okay I think...And on Friday Micheal just continued babbling about how the young people should take care of their body and exercise when he doesn't realize the crazy amount of workload we have. Or maybe he does and he's doing this for kicks, ah, who knows.Yea, I already know I'm mean.

Mr. Happy eyes!!

Mr Angry Scarface!!

Ah...and..Language and communication skills was horrible, how I wish I could have just evaporated into thin air when I was up there. I'd really wanna work on my presentation skills though, Pinky's feedback was really useful, and staying back to talk to her for that extra hour(it sure felt like an hour) was very VERY insightful indeed. But the suckiness of that still couldn't top my design assignment. It just went so bad.

7.10 a.m.

Me: Hi Ivon!! Guess what I made for my design project?
Ivon: Eh? What did you make??
Me: A chicken!!!
Ivon: er..what..? A chicken? *forced laughter*
Me: Yes, a chicken!! Bwahahahah~~~
Ivon: Why..a chicken..? ^^;;;
Me: I don't know!! I've been asking myself the same thing for the past three hours!!

In class.

Terry: Let me see what you made! You show me yours and I 'll show you mine!
Me: I made a chicken!!
Terry: Wha-?! Why a chicken..? o0;;
Me:I don't know!!!! ;_;

3.30 p.m.

Me: I made a chicken for design!!!
Thomas: *looks at photograph* Well, that is one pretty cool chicken!
Me: But it's a chickennn!!! WHYYYYYYYY???!!!!! T___________________T

Thomas: What??

Please forgive me, I wasn't thinking straight when I started my project at three in the morning. It was supposed to be a bird, but you know, at 5 in the morning your hands start to work on their own and tadaaahh~!!

I call it the "chicken who tried to fly", BURRN you stupid chicken!! BURRNN!!!!

Here's a sneak peek into the Mahou Meidou Ryodan project. I know I'm gonna regret this. I know it will result in endless teasing by people whose names I wish not to mention. I know..I know..I know..!!!

-but I still can't help it. I'm doing this purely for the cruel satisfaction of poking fun at myself - and trust me, this does not happen very often.

Here, enjoy. Sample no. 1 done in MS paint, oh yes, I'm losin' it! The scary bug eyed people are backkk~~!!

P/S: Yes, I just realized that I can change the colors and sizes of the fonts for my blog posts.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sugar, we're going down.

Ahhh, good God, I just had a heavy workload lifted off my shoulders! This sure was a hell of a week. NOTE TO SELF: *slap* DON'T DO YOUR ASSIGNMENTS AT THE LAST MINUTE EVER AGAIN YOU DOO DOO.

I know it's rare, but fortunately, I brought my 5.2 megapixel camera with me to class for this whole week and I managed to get pictures of pretty cool stuff, so here goes!


The first class of the week is always Language and communication skills! For this semester we have Pinky- our former DJ lecturer! We had a test for this lesson and the whole class had to come in the was a test but the class athmosphere sure didn't make it feel like one...

Its Eeevaaa~~I mean, Ivon, everyone's favourite robot girl! =D

Aaron, always ready for the camera


Part of the ever hyper and restless CD085-1 during language and communication skills

Pinky- our language and communication skills lecturer!! I couldn't get a good shot of her face D=

Don't laugh, ah beng was born with that face,okay? Jk Jk!!


These two days were a mad rush to complete my self portrait project. I started on Sunday and I wanted to finish it by Tuesday, but things never go as planned even when I tried sticking to my schedule. I shouldn't have spent too much time on d sketches and stuff, have to improve on my planning...@@

A picture of my part of the room, I KNOW ITS SUPER MESSY, taken as a reference picture for one of my history of art project,you can see some of my completed works on my desk XP

The lineart for my art nouveau inspired self composition piece,(Yea, I know I know,it looks better than the real person) I forgot to scan it before coloring it cuz' I was in a hurry to complete it the night before handing it in, Thomas said it looks like the cover of a shoujo manga 0A0


I worked all nite until 7am I think. When class started at 10 a.m. Yokey and I were both late cuz' we didn't print out and buy some stuff. Heeheehee, so typical of us. Daniel (our lecturer) was in a fit cuz a lot of people waited till they reached the classroom to arrange their self portraits on their mounting boards, erm, yokey and I were actually stupid enough to sit in the first row and paste our self portraits in front of him. Hence, we earned a death glare and he told us to stop arranging the layout. But we didn't listen to him anyway. =P (Some of the photos here look weird because of the reflection of light from the plastic protective covering everyone had to place on their mounting board.)

Aaron and his beautiful self portraits, I especially like the free composition piece and his photograph

Kelly's amazing artwork! Love her art nouveau and self composition piece, pardon the horrible photography

Kelly's free composition piece

Kelly's art nouveau piece

Thomas's rockin' self portraits, I really like the photograph and the fauvist piece, but you can't really see them in this photo, bluek...

Ah, yes, Thomas's constructivism piece. What else can I say? It's so him XD!

Terry's fauvism piece!! I really like it! I think she was the only one in class who got fauvism right, I screwed mine up..@@)

Andy's cragee(<--that's crazy in Andy language) self composition piece, don't play play!!

The class goddess-Xiao Qing's superbly awesome self portraits, Daniel tells us to use one mounting board, but she uses two, haih....that's Xiao Qing for you!

"Crazy right?"-I-Ching

Ah Beng's hilarious self portraits-a parody version of The Scream and his self composition entitled "The Xiao Qing effect", Daniel didn't seem to like the way he injected humour into his artworks and presentation though

Ivon's(a.k.a figure studies queen) naturalistic self portrait and her photograph, move your hand away, woman!

Ivon's fauvism and self composition piece! The brush strokes and colors for the fauvism piece is so luvleeey! And you've gotta love her self composition, she even included me, yokey and yoong in there!

The other goddess in class-Se Lin's beautiful self portraits! She even made them foldable and in A4 size, unlike everyone else who had them at A2 size or bigger. Her art nouveau piece makes me wanna shoot myself.

And now DADADADUMMMMMM~~~! My self portraits~

My completed art self composition piece, my watercolor skills are still so noobish and I'm always messing up the skin color, erk.....need to practice more

My fauvism piece, that's me sleeping on the bed! The message I wanted to send out through this piece is "don't leave your assignments till the last minute". OOHH THE IRONY!!! Just in case you don't know, most fauvism pices look like they were painted by 10 years olds.

Blur photo, but it's the only one I have for my naturalistic self portrait. I'm quite glad with how this one turned out because I've never tried this style of composition before. Unfortunately, Daniel said that it doesn't fulfill the requirements of a traditional; self portrait and that he might take some marks away for that...SOBSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

The photograph that I ended up using, I photoshopped it of course

The few which I didn't use, but still like very much:

I feel so badass in the last one XD

Oh, and all credits go to Aaron for being so nice and taking all those photos for me!

I really enjoyed completing this assignment because I picked up a lot of new information, knowledge and skills along the way. I've definitely pushed myself further for this one. Daniel's critique session will help me a lot too. Although I'll still remember that he penalized me for talking in class. It wasn't my faulttt!!!

It's not the end of the post yet.


I took a nap for four hours after I got home from design class and started working till the next morning. And yet, All I did was my clock face which was 18 cm in diameter and this:


FRIDAY(night)and SATURDAY(morning)

Before I started work, I suddenly realized that I couldn't find the minute hand for my clock and that I didn't have enough clay, so Yokey and I ran all the way to vision art and arrived 5 minutes before closing time IN FIVE MINUTES. That's a new record! WOOT!! After that, I worked all the way into the morning and yet I still couldn't finish my clock. =_= and that one hour before class was madness because Yokey and I were really rushing to finish as much as we could. Oooh~I never knew I could mould things so quickly~! We brought all our materials to class and thank goodness we didn't have to complete any other assignments that day. Also, our dear lecturer Travis was kind enough to give us the option of handing our clocks in on monday, with a deduction of 5 marks of course. Of course, Yokey and I were more than willing to take up that offer!

Yokey's clock-damn crazy right??!! I'm so proud of my baby! *sniff* Her theme is "Peru"!

My clock-I put a stupid banner at the bottom right side of the clock instead of a gondola that I had initially wanted to use because I had to make it look complete. But now I can bring it home and touch up on it so I can pass it up on Monday! Huhuhu~ Oh, and my clock's theme is "Venice-La Serenissima" by the way~

Ivon's clock-kawaii deshou?? Her theme is "Russia-Swan Lake", the poor girl looked more zombie-ish than I did when I walked into class because she rushed all the clay structures in one night!!

Ivon and I having our picture taken with us and our clocks, it's camwhoring, but without the spirit...

After that I had a group meeting for the upcoming language and communication skills presentation and later,lunch with Kevin and Ivan in Sakae sushi. Then,I slept in the student lounge to while waitin for the rain to subside before I went home to sleep.

Ah, I think I'll show you the little details on my clock because you can't quite see them in the earlier picture, it's hard work okay? So let me show it off a bit! Sorry bout the blur photos... @@

Buildings in Venice

Random boat

Masked Venetian people

Another masked Venetian person

"Ponte di Rialto" or "the Rialto Bridge"

Okay, that's all for now!! I can't believe I used amost 5 hours to prepare this post. I think I'd bettr go to bed now, I need to catch up on a lot of sleep...guh...till the next time then, ciao~

P/S: If anyone didn't want me showing pictures of their history assignments in my blog, please let me know, I'll remove them right away! Sorry if I offended anyone!! >_<;;;