Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Okay, RECAP before the New Year Post!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! I'm sorry for slacking off , but, er, a new year calls for change! Hence, I shall do a very very brief summary on the Vietnam Trip, Comic Fiesta and my christmas BBQ party in Malacca, before moving on to me New Year post!

*gets stoned real bad*

The Vietnam chapter

Vietnam, or more precisely, HO Chih Minh city, was awesome~I fell in love with their coffee(coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee), the food(sweet, unspicy chilli, yessss) and the beautiful buildings! The streets are packed mostly by motorcyclists and fearless drivers... Thank goodness we had a friendly guide(my mum's friend, aunt Jessie =D), who brought us around Ben Thanh market and to all the interesting food outlets.

A piece of advice to all who may go to Ben Thanh market, BEWARE OF CRAZY SHOPKEEPERS. I had to buy 2 pairs of shirts for 160000 Vietnamese dong (RM 32) before this shopkeeper would let go of my hand (seriously, the whole time she kept her grip on my arm when I tried to tell her politely that I didn't care of the price of the damn shirts no more........mummy..!! ;_;)

My sis and I each bought a sweet pair of traditional Vietnamese costume, the ao dai, two bags of coffee (<3), lots of lothes (whee~) and candy! We even had the chance to visit the CuChi tunnels, which is a network of unnels bulit by the CuChi villagers to fight off the American soldiers during the Vietnam War. It was a great experience and I wouldn't mind visiting Vietnam again!

Hm, that was pretty brief, eh?

Now, for the photodump!!

The Vietnam international airport, it looks very much like KLIA 0_o(that's my sis btw XD)


More motorcyclists!! ARGHHH!!

The pretty Christmas decorations at the roundabout, they have their streets decorated better than the streets in Malaysia!

This is the restaurant we cycled to eat in on the first night we arrived in Vietnam!

Ughhh, I didn't understand their menu...@@

This is The Waterfront! The rented apartment we stayed in during our trip~

Just some of the cute buildings you can find in Vietnam XD

Ben Thanh market! Shopping galore!!


A coffee bean grinder machine thingy

Yum, coffee~

A very bad shot of Ben Than market, its difficult to take nice pictures in a moving car..>_>
A fancy smhancy restaurant we ate in

A bunch of Vietnamese youths just hanging out in one of the many parks they have in the city

A pretty post office, can't remember what it's called >_>;;

Two Vietnamese school girls, yes, I have a weird fetish for cute school uniforms..they're dressed like Chibi Maruko chan lol~
One of the monuments outside the Post Office
Inside the post office

The Notre Dame Basilica outside the post office, think "Chibi Notre Dame in Vietnam"

Random hand lol
Saigon Square, I dropped my phone somewhere in there ;__;
A new shopping mall that they decorated with a fairy tale theme

A mannequin from the same shopping centre

The bustling streets of Ho Chih Minh

I'll always remember that I dropped my phone in one of the shops in Saigon Square... =_=

The Comic Fiesta 2008 Chapter

We arrived back from Vietnam on the 21st of December, that's day 2 of CF, and we managed to rush to the Sunway convention center by 2pm; after that, we stayed at our booth for most of the time! XD;; Thanks Kevin, Phee Chien, Andy, Thomas, Ivon, Kazaf, Terry, Sandra, Kesha and Christina for dropping by our booth! Although Sandra has no recollection of it, hmmm..I wonder why...Thanks also to all the other people who supported us by buying our stuff, and acknowledging that our effort(s) was worth their money and time!

It was really exciting since it was our first time, and it was really an eye opening experience for all of us. It was a pity that I couldn't check out all the booths, or take as many cosplayer pictures as I would've liked too, or stalk certain artists as I usually would(cough), nevertheless, CF was a blast! I could see that most of us enjoyed it! Kudos to the CF committee on that! It would've helped though if they placed our booth further away from the speakers, ugh, we had to shout to communicate with our customers when Nemesis was on the stage during the cosplay competition (you'd know what I mean if you were there...==;;...damn those MC's...)

Last of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to all my group members, Yokey 1, Yokey 2, Jee Hui, Sher Minn, Pisang and Julia for giving it their all on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Especially to Yokey 2 who organised the printing while I was gone! And a million thanks also to Betsy and Mel who helped us out so much even though they weren't part of our group, I owe you two!!It's a pity that my older sister jeanne couldn't join us since she couldn't make it back from Australia.. D=, hopefully you can come back for GACC, I love you lots, sis!! A personal message to my group members: you guys sure know how to make a last minute thing happen and work. Let's try to make it less difficult next time, ya?

Bleh, photodump of whatever pictures I have in my sis's camera (some photos courtesy of Ivon!)

I did not take any of these shots...==;;

Yuna and miss meido(AHHH)

Black star and Soul from Soul Eater

A big group of cosplayers on the stage (duh)

Jee Hui cosplaying as Souji Okita from Peacemaker Kurogane

Saizo the piggy, my neko-eared samurai sister, Jee Hui's hand and Melissa(the girl smiling in the background..0_o;;)

Our colourful booth, feel the PanPurinnessh~me and my sis both look evil in that picture lol

Sher Minn's hammie guarding our booth for us (strategically placed on the left corner of the table to catch the eye of any passerby's, fufufu~)
Candid camera!

Our booth from a different angle~
Katamari is loveee~~<3!!
Er..I don't know where these two are from....==;;

Our mascots! The neko-eared banana and Purin boi!!

A last group picture before packing up!

Dinner at Nando's

Hehehe. Yogurberry. We just had to.

The Xmas BBQ Party Chapter

Two days after we got back from CF( on the 24th of December), I held a BBQ party at my place, inviting mostly my doujin group mates and...well,Yi Ting, a friend from high school.


So anyway, Betsy brought the BBQ pit and the two of us plus Jee Hui, Pisang and my sister went grocery shopping on that afternoon itself! We bought 4 chickens (D=) , bacon(!!), cheese(for the bacon, dont ask), sausages, marinated lamb, prawns, japanese sweet potatoes and marshamallows~ oh, and bread pudding, which Pisang forgot to bring home afterwards. For refreshments, we had nata de coco and Ribena! Purrfect~<3 style="font-weight: bold;">

More photos, yay~(in which most of them you can find on my Facebook, so I won't upload so many here >_>)

The dining area and the humble kitchen


They're trying to cook~=D

Yay, group piccie!!

Roasted marshmallows~<3

LULZ, my favorite picture of the day, Yokey the rabid reindeer!!

Presents that everyone brought to exchange! Mine is the fourth one from the left!

The presents I got from Sher Minn!! Thanks, girl!!

Okay, that's all for the recapping part. YOu have NO IDEA how long I took to draft this!! Thank you if you even bothered to read all that!! If you want a more detailed account on all the above events, be sure to let me know, we could sit down, have a cup of tea and chat all about it, lol!

Aight, moving on!!

Next post please!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Counting down to Comic fiesta!!



Yesh, I know I haven't been updating meh blog for awhile, and yesterday the internet connection in Malacca was haywire,'s finally the semester break, but the work ain't over for me and my doujin mates. So, here's some of the stuff we'll be selling for this Comic Fiesta!!!

Mini postcards(A6 size)

Part of The Never after series
Designed by moi

RM 2 each, printed on perfume card (yes, it smells nice)



The Sleeping Beauty

Pocket Calenders

Part of the Never after series
Designed by arekanderina

RM1 each, printed on perfume card

Buy 3 for RM 2.50!! =D

Little Red Riding Hood

The Little Mermaid

Snow White


Series: Vocaloid
Designed by moi too

RM 5 each, glossed

Special promotion: If you purchase the whole set of badges, you're entitled to receive a postcard for free!



Series: Soul Eater
Designed by Hiccups90

RM2 each!!




Series: Air Gear

A collaboration between mirim-chan, Raisiu(Yokey lol), Daetacita, Hiccups90 and kaz3N0Yuk1

A5 sized, RM 1.50 each!

Series: Vampire Knight

A collaboration between Raisiu and Daetacita

(Coming very very soon...!!)

Here are some of our handicrafts-clay and felt merchandise!

Felt keychains by arekanderina

RM 3 for the onigiri and the apples, RM 3.5o for the monkey

Clay keychains by Hiccups90, Mirim-chan, Daetacita and friends!

Price range still unconfirmed~

They look way way WAY cuter in real life, trust me!

Btw, as for the felt and clay merchandise, they are SUPER limited stock!! The rest of our products are just limited stock, lalalalala~

Now for the preorder merchandise by arekanderina!

LIMITED EDITION!!! Two white fur wigs and two more brown fur wigs left. Only Pre-orders from interested parties are entertained. Hurry before it’s too late!!! RM 15 only for each wig!


Pre-order is open till 7pm Thursday(18 December 2008). You can email her at

Anyway, I'm off to finish off whatever's left to do...I'll be back with more updates, so stick around!

We hope for your support during CF! It will be very much appreciated! >A<