Thursday, September 18, 2008


Grandpa passed away today. Julia, my younger sister called me to tell me about it at 8 a.m. so I got to know about it almost right after it happened.

It's a weird feeling.

He's gone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Le Malacca Trip-Day 3 and DA DA DA DUMMMM... day 4!!

Wow, 3 posts at one shot! I'm on crack, baby!!

So, like the day before, we woke up just as late, this time, we gave Lucas a call when we were ready. It was supposed to be the last day of the trip, but Sandra and gang couldn't get the bus tickets heading back to Kl. Since Sandra's mum demanded that Sandra be back on that day, the most they could do was get the earliest ticket back even if it wasn't for that day. So, they bought the 6 a.m tickets for the next day. YAYYYY~~~!! I wasn't going to be lonely again!! *cough cough*

Since Phee Chien was bugging me about satay celup the night before,(Yea, I forgot to mention this, he kept saying that he wanted satay celup....that idiot wouldn't let me sleep...=_=;;;)we went for brunch at the famous pork satay shop!!! Ah, that was some good satay, pricey, but really good!!! They had good coconut juice too, yummy~~

Yummy food? It doesn't look so appetizing here though XP!

*chew chew chew*

*chew chew chew chew*

Later, we decided to hang out at Lucas's place. The stupid fella said this modestly while we were on the way to his house: "Uh...I'll tell you all this first, don't expect too much from my house okay,?" (YEA RITE) Then he drove us up to this huge ass bunglo. I'll never believe you again Lucasss!!!!!! His house was really big, and you should see his pet collection: 4 dogs, one iguana, 2 tortoises(I think), carps, piranhas (0_0),a spider and a snapping turtle or something like that.


Lucas's basketball court

The pond where his carp and piranha lives in

Lucas's dog-Roxy!!

Then we shot some hoops in his half court sized basketball court, played with his dog, and fiddled around with his electric guitar in his room. After that, it was dinner time! The days seems to get shorter and shorter...0_0

For dinner, I brought them to "the Family Heritage Cafe" in Bukit Beruang-the place I worked part time before going off to TOA! They're western food is pretty good, so I thought, "why not?" After dinner, we went home and bitched around some more. For some weird reason, everyone was much more hyper that night. Lucas stayed over this time too. We were chomping on snacks we bought from Jusco earlier before we started talking about some disturbing topics, resulting in much rolling around, uncontrolled laughter and super EPIC moments.

Also, Sandra accidentally kicked Phee Chien in the crotch.

HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!It was pretty dark so I couldn't only see Phee Chien run behind the sofa after the assault from Sandra! But Sandra said "What??
I'm sorry!! I didn't know!! But it felt like a -


What the fudge??!!! MARSHMALLOW?? I don't think Phee Chien has ever been so insulted in his life!! Hahaha!! Forgive me for bringing it up Phee Chien, but I just had to!! Hahahaha!! Anyway, after all that chaos, it was time to go to bed since Sandra and gang had to wake up in 1 1/2 hours time to get ready to leave for KL. But I couldn't sleep from all that laughter. So, I stayed up, till everyone else woke up.

We left the house around 5.30 a.m. Lucas drove us again, we waited till Sandra, Thomas and Phee Chien boarded the bus, then we waved them goodbye as the bus left. When I reached home, I instantly fell asleep on my bed. I had so much fun, but it was time for me to get back some of the sleep I had lost.

Anyway, I wanna thank you guys- Sandra, Thomas and Phee Chien for coming all the way down here! I haven't had so much fun in the holidays until you guys came over! Hopefully you guys can pay a visit again next sem break eh?? Hehe, or maybe, we can stay over at someone else's place this time...;) anyway, I love you guys! I can't wait till the next sem starts! =D

And oh! Thanks for the pictures Phee Chien!

Le Malacca Trip-Day 2

In the morning, my mum discovered a frozen dumbass (as Phee Chien calls himself) lying on the floor as she opened the door to the attic. That was around 10.30 a.m when she came to let me know that Lucas had arrived downstairs to pick us up for breakfast. Naturally, we lazy bums were still asleep. I mean, what do you expect?? We slept at 5 a. m. Feeling guilty for making him come all the way to my house, I dragged myself out of bed and apologized to Lucas for making him wait and asked him if he could come back again later around After that, I plonked back onto the floor and fell asleep again.

Hoooii...wake up..*poke poke*

Everyone was up and moving around 2 p.m (with Thomas giving the least cooperation again...=_=;;). So, we headed for brunch at a supposedly famous chicken rice ball shop in Malacca. When we arrived however, the place was closed. *sweats* Luckily, there was another good chicken rice ball shop nearby, so we settled there instead. The interior deco of the place was really nice, too bad I don't have any pictures of it...D= The chicken rice balls were really REALLY good, in my opinion.

Yummy chicken rice balls!!

After that, we went to the historical sites in Malacca!!!! Oh, what would we do without them? We went to the A famosa first, then up St. Paul's hill to St. Paul cathedral where we could see the beautiful scenery of Malacca. Up there they were selling these pretty necklaces and lockets that the shop owner would customize for you by decorating it, the necklace costs RM 5 whereas the locket costs RM 6. Sandra bought 2 for her friends and we waited for them to be completed.

The one and only a'Famosa!!

That's us walking up St. Paul's hill

The scenary from on top of St. Paul's hill

A bad picture by Phee Chien!!!!

After the pretty darn long wait, we went down St. Paul's hill and came out at the Stadhuys. There, we decided to look around the museum since the admission fee is only RM2 per adult. There was quite a lot of interesting things in there, I really liked looking at the artifacts and stuff, but I was really lazy to read about the history of the invasions in Malaysia cuz' we've already studied all of that in Secondary school (right?). Haha, anyway, the place was closing down so I just glanced through everything pretty quickly before getting out of the place in fear of being chased out. Sandra the lazy bum was waiting for us outside and apparently she was harassed by an(other) old man who kept asking her where she came from. Guess she gets that a lot.....=P
A statue of admiral Cheng Ho at the back of the musuem

The view from on top of the Stadhuys, pretty~

Sandra the lazy bum

It was still too early to go to Jonker Street when we got out of the Stadhuys, so we went to play at a random playground before going off to Malacca's megamall -Dataran Pahlawan for free air cond. We got ourselves some ice cream and we sat at the fountain in the shopping mall.You could have seen Yoke Wan feeding the carps in the fountain with her ice cream cone although she obviously shouldn't have been!! The carps taught her a lesson though, as they were rushing to eat the food she was throwing to them, some of the carps created this HUGE splash that drenched Yoke Wan and her ice cream!! Unfortunately I was sitting right next to her, with my back facing the fountain, so I got a little wet too, but my ice cream was spared from all that. Hahaha!! XD

Around 7.30 p.m, we went to Jonker Street-my favorite part of Malacca!!! I just love seeing the people, the old buildings and the stuff the people sell along the street. Ah, sweet nostalgia,I never seem to get tired of it! XP So, we had dinner there,(I had Fried Kuey Teow and a sour plum drink) before we roamed around some more. Oh yea, I forgot to mention, I bought this pretty hair chopstick from one of the stalls, it costed RM 3.90. Hehe, I think it looks really nice, so, yea, it was worth it!See! It's nice!

While walking, I bought myself bubble tea(Oooohh!! I really missed that drink, you can get it so cheap in Malacca!!XD) and also the Taiwan fruits in a stick thingy. Thomas and Phee Chien had the weirdest expressions on their faces when they tried it. I wondered what was up with them but when I had a taste of it, I think I gave the same expression too...XDDDDDDD It tasted... really..weird, because of that white cream they put over the fruits. But it wasn't that bad tasting, at least I finished it. XD

We went back to my house with an extra immigrant that day, it was "Puff"-Sandra's new hamster!!! I suggested the name btw, huhuhu. When we got home, we went up to the attic again, seemed like all of us were gonna sleep there again for the night. D=
Since my attic has a home theater system, a certain someone asked if he could watch the History channel on big screen. (you know who you are)Hence, my younger sister turned the home theater system on and tuned it to the History channel. Instantly, a loud "SQUUEE~~" was heard from a very excited history nerd. =_=;;; Ahah.

We had a pretty tiring day, so the rest of us fell asleep pretty quickly, only Thomas and Phee Chien were still up chatting and laughing at some stupid programme they were showing on Discovery channel. Anyway, Phee Chien slept pretty well this time, he only woke up when he thought I was talking to him, didn't you Phee Chien? HAHA!!

So day 2 ended like that~

Once again, the pictures are Phee chien's, all credit goes to him for the good and many bad pictures he has taken. XP

Monday, September 1, 2008

Le Malacca trip-Day 1

Our story begins somewhere during the middle of the year 2008 TOA May intake semester break, when 3 bored CD085-1 students decided to pay a visit to another bored CD085-1 student in Malacca.

From what I've been told,Thomas, Sandra and Phee Chien met up in Pudu raya to get their bus tickets before 12pm. Mr. Siagan had to hand up his OTP and rush all the way to Pudu, thus conveniently forgetting my JCo donuts (SOBSSSSS), an event which I see only Sandra has mentioned in her blog. Anyway....moving on, the trio arrived around 2pm if I'm not mistaken, and I had to pick them up from Sentral. (After some practice during the holiday, I was feeling more confident about my driving skills, hohohoho.)But at that time, I was taking my lunch, and for people who go makan with me before, you all should know....


Anyway, the timeline of the events that took place after that should look something like this:

2.10p.m- I drove out of my house.(about 10 minutes after receiving Sandra or Thomas's call,(can't remember who it was)saying that they had arrived)
2.15- 2.25pm- I got lost in some kampung by following my mum's directions on how to get to the front gate of Sentral using a "shortcut"..T_________T
2.35-2.40p.m- I tried to park my car properly (Uhuhu, I still suck at parking)then I went into Sentral to get them. Sorry guysss!!!!

In the car

Upon reaching my house, they collapsed in their designated bedrooms. (Sandra's being the bedroom next to mine and Thomas and Phee Chien's being the attic)While they were asleep,Lucas and Yoke Wan arrived at my house. When we decided that they had slept enough, the three of us went to give them the morning, no, scratch that, evening call.

le Attic

Happy Phee Chien

Sleeping thomas in a pink blankey, haha

After we got everyone to wake up, (with Thomas giving almost 0 cooperation...=_=), we went to MBO in Malacca mall to get tickets for the movie we wanted to watch that night. We chose Babylon A.D over Death race because the trailer made the movie look promising.

Pretty bad idea.

But the movie poster looks cool, right???

Anyway, since we were starving and we had limited time to eat before the movie started, we bought MC D from Jusco opposite Malacca Mall and sneaked it into the cinema. Thomas and Phee Chien were complaining about how impossible it was for a mall to not have MC D, well, it's not my fault that they don't, goddammittt!!!! XDDDD On the way back to Malacca mall, we picked up Sandra's friends who appeared mysteriously from various places...we later found out that they're friends from Facebook that she was meeting for the first time!! *LE' GASP* Naughty naughty Sandra~

Yoke Wan and Thomas buying dinner

Honestly, the movie sucked pretty badly. -_-;;; (Sorry, I'm not very nice when it comes to giving movie reviews) It seems that they cut out quite a few parts of the movie, leaving the audience confused with the very abrupt ending. So, people, I advice you all not to watch it. I don't know how good Death Race is though...will someone go watch the movie and let me know? XD

After the movie, we figured that it was too early to go home, so we stood outside the cinema thinking, "what else can we do now?" Sadly, Malacca doesn't have a night life on weekdays, so we thought for quite some time until someone said, "why don't we go to a place where we can sit down, have a drink and chat?" It was then that it hit me..

Friend's cafe!!

Yeah, so Lucas drove us (there was a lot of screaming coming from the back seat because of his scary driving, uhh...mostly my screaming....>__<;;;)to town where Friend's cafe was and we just sat there and chatted until about 12 a.m?
Lucas and Nicholas(Sandra's friend)in Friends cafe,we sat at the balcony =3
After that, Lucas dropped us at my house and, guess what? We talked some more. Haha, Everyone went up to the attic and it was pretty cozy in there. In the end, everyone fell asleep up there.....hahaha...=_=;;;;;;;

P/S: Sorry for stealing your blanket and pillow Phee Chien!!!! The poor guy didn't sleep well cuz he almost froze to death from the air conditioning. The next morning I found him sleepin on the floor with his jacket and a towel covering his legs... SORRY PHEE CHIEN!!! You could've asked for a blankie!!!

The pictures belong to Phee chien, so all credits go to him, etc.