Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ooohh! For all the people who want to improve their anatomy perspective drawing, please head on to this awesome website called posemaniac!! Seriously, there's so much to learn from there! Go check it out!!!!

Eh..I wanted to post last know, write one of those spartanly long entries again, but I ish lazehhh and forgetful~plus I realized how much work I had left for figure studies,ohohoho, I need to learn how to manage my time like chia chi, that crazy gurl...==;;

I went for the class party last friday, and it wasn't bad; for a mediocre effort by ah beng. Ahaha, joking, joking, don't cry ah beng!! Ah, he always brings out the mean streak in me for some reason. Fufufu~ Yea, the class party was pretty fun, I wish more people turned up though >_<. Terry, Kelly, Kazaf, Xiao Qing, Se Lin, Kevin, Clarissa, Kai, Christina, Sandy, Jonathan, Thomas, Coco, where were you guys???!! D=

Anyway, there was Dominos pizza, plenty of chicken, and the roasted marshmallows were good too, yum yum! I also really enjoyed hanging around the soya bean drink dispenser(water dispenser courtesy of chea wen), I went back to refill my cup like, every 10 minutes! After eating we played a bunch of games, and Ah beng even prepared a questionarre about our classmates for us to answer. unfortunately, only four people submitted the questionarre back tohim*pats Ah Beng* Because of that I won first place, yay! LOL.*throws confetti* The first prize is a layout pad and a roll of half used masking tape!! Gotta thank ah beng for the super lame prizes, the guy put in a lot of effort for this party! Kudos to Johnny and ahbeng! =D

Here are some photos from the day of the class party, sorry, I don't have many D=

In Chea Wen's car, she was doing all the dangerous swerves and stuff ...very scary....=A=;;;

CAUTION: Mad Driver

Aaron, Jullie and Johnny goofing around....strike a pose!!

Ivon and Pei Yoong playing at the kiddie playground~Aww....

Jullie fanning the food. Andy:*drools*

The guystrying to will the fire to start by staring at the BBQ pit

Ah Beng anguishing over a fallen a.k.a no longer edible marshmallow in his 'Zetubou shita!' mode

Oh, and Yokey fractured her ankle from a game of volleyball during the party, I think she tore her ligaments or something, yea, very painful. >_< d=" Now it's back to mah bitching.

SUXXXXXX. Yesh. And I really mean it this time. Feel my seething hatred for it. I even use red colored fonts. GAH. I'm just glad that I'm not gonna see too much of it anymore next time. I'm even starting to ignore my rumbling stomach when I work early into the morning. I know it will fight back with vengeance one day.

I'm sorry liver. i'm sorry stomach.

Sleep is starting to become a luxury I can't afford.

Eheh. Kidchan's artblog where she dumps doodlez and random stuff, I can't believe I found it <3:>