Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's that time of the year again~~!!

Hello everyone! This blog has been lying here for ages but i just felt like posting today! I'll try to make this my artblog now since I have another blog in which I am sharing with my friend betsy where we talk about our life in college and stuff like that, it's really more like a record of our college life. XD

Hre are links to some stuff if you guys are interested:

My Deviantart gallery :http://armedius.deviantart.com/
Collaborated blog:http://www.orangeclover-garden.blogspot.com/

However, if I find that i prefer livejournal as my artblog site, I'll probablyswitch and this site will be wasted once more...I'm really just experimenting ><

That's all for today then, I'm just posting to fill up some space, Iwish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year!! May all your resolutions be acheived this year!