Friday, May 15, 2009

Malaysian food is the best, so don't complain

Okay okay, stop yelling at me to update!!! >_< There, you guys happy? A new post after 9 months!! So I left my blog to rot...big deal....=3=...

Anyways, my sem break has just ended last week, so now I'm back in college again to brace myself for the long semester. Honestly, the new semester makes me slightly nervous, but it's probably because cause some of our subjects this sem is pretty specialized, making me feel like I'm getting closer and closer to being a real illustrator. Likewise, my animation friends are starting their 2-d animation cources and our dear yokey will be learning flash this semester. It feels like everyone is taking different routes... guh..feels kinda lonely...but this semester should be a promising one!! I see people working hard!!! Go people go!

Other than that, freshmen from the new intake are crawling all over campus, just a year ago I was just like them, it feels so nostalgic...sniffs... MUST...RESIST..TEMPTATION.....TO SCARE THEM..!!!! Bwahahaha~

Btw, I shall upload holiday photos in my next post, so wait for it~~~ohohoho~

Hmm, I'm losing my touch, can't blog no more, that's all for now, bye bye~

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